About the Building

The building is located in the heart of historic downtown area of Montgomery, Texas, home of the Texas Flag. Located next to the old Community Center and near the historic Davis homestead, it is ideally situated for many types of businesses. The downstairs spaces are primarily for retail businesses with the upstairs geared for office spaces for professionals.

The building features covered parking and a beautiful 1800s architectural style. The center of the building contains a beautiful atrium with trees and a Koi pond under the stairs. Check out our pictures!

There are several excellent restaurants within walking distance and plenty of boutiques and antique shops to visit while you are here!

About Kemifer Corporation

Kemifer Corporation is the leasing company for a two story office building due to be completed in 2015 in downtown Montgomery, Texas. We currently have 2800 square feet of office space available, with smaller offices of 200-400 square feet. For more information, contact info@kemifer.com or visit kemifer.com

The History of Montgomery

(Courtesy of experiencemontgomery.com)

Prior to 1837, Montgomery was a trading post situated a mile north of the present site. Owen and Margaret Montgomery Shannon, colonists with Stephen F. Austin, had settled on their grant of land and traded with the Indians.

In July of 1837, an ad in the Telegraph and Texas Register advertised the sale of lots in the newly organized town of Montgomery. The article stated that a new county was expected to be created and Montgomery, from its central position, would be selected as the seat of justice. Montgomery remained the seat of government until 1889, when the records were moved to Conroe.

In its early days, Montgomery was the trade center for a large farming area, where stagecoach, railroad and telegraph lines crossed.

Civic and religious organizations came early to Montgomery, as well as the first school in 1839. In 1848, the City of Montgomery was incorporated, and in 1842 the first Protestant parsonage in Texas was built here. In the 1850’s, Montgomery experienced a building boom. Some of the fine homes built at that time remain today with descendants of the original owners or early owners occupying them.

The Civil War stopped all progress in Montgomery, but by 1900, numerous mercantile establishments were in business, as well as three cotton gins, railroads active with freight and passengers, five hotels and boarding houses, doctors, dentists, and lawyers. But later with the railroads by-passing the town and the county seat moving to Conroe, Montgomery reverted back to the little town it is today - quiet, peaceful, and rich in history.

In 1839 the simple but elegant design of Dr. Charles B. Stewart of Montgomery was chosen for the creation of the Lone Star flag. On May 30, 1997, the House of Representatives of the 75th Texas legislature officially commemorated Montgomery County as the Birthplace of the Texas flag.

The Montgomery Community

There are many historic markers all over town. During certain times of the year, the historic district hosts various events such as the Wine Festival and the Antique Festival. For more information, check out their website.